Pass It On Award Recipients

Imelda I.

2008 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:

Pathways to Technology

Project Description:

Imelda has always had an interest in, and has spent several years learning, graphic design. She has taken a number of courses in computer technology and graphic design and is currently enrolled at City College of San Francisco.  Imelda works two jobs while enrolled in this program and is unable to use the school’s computer lab that is fully equipped with Apple computers loaded with the appropriate graphic design software. In order to apply the classroom learning, she needed to purchase a Mac computer and the graphic design software, Creative Suite 4 (CS4).

Imelda came to the United States from El Salvador as a political refugee in the 1990s.  Since her arrival in this country she has worked hard and sought out learning opportunities in order to achieve her goals. She has never stopped dreaming or striving to reach these goals. Without having a computer and appropriate software Imelda was not sure if she would be able to effectively complete the program. Imelda wants to be able to graduate from this graphic design program and be an example of a working class Latina immigrant woman who can inspire other women to pursue careers in graphic design.  Her Systers Pass It On Award will help fund a laptop computer in order for her to master her classroom learning.