Pass It On Award Recipients

Jafrina J.

2017 Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project: Dyuti

Jafrina is from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is the creator of the project Dyuti. Dyuti aims to give training to children who are at least 15 years old. The mains objectives of Dyuti are making skillful youth, elevating poverty, and empowering girls.

Dyuti gives drop out students and unprivileged children computer skill training on computer programming, computer art and illustrations, office applications (MS Word, Excel, etc.), and using internet. The sole purpose of Dyuti is to conquer poverty with computer technology so that the unprivileged can shine in their future. The word “Dyuti” means “shine.” If drop out students and unprivileged children can get computer training, they can be a future computer programmer, graphics designer, or Photoshop editor. Moreover, these skills can even help them in their future professional life. The possibilities are endless.

“I am always passionate about science and to spread this passion and love among the students of our country, especially among girls,” Jafrina said.