Pass It On Award Recipients

Khaiwana W.

Fall 2012 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title:

I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation

Project Description:

The I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation , began July 2011 as a collaborative effort with the Mary Seacole Hall at the University of the West Indies in ensuring that young girls understand that there are options available to them whether it is financially, psychologically, socially or sexually. The foundation began as a summer camp for girls, it is the first of its kind in Jamaica as it is the only camp/ foundation that is designed for girls by females. The idea for an all-female camp came about out of the need to empower women to make the changes they want to see for themselves. The I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation offers sessions which facilitates teen mentorship for teenage girls, ages 13-17 years from at-risk, depressed and/or marginalized urban and rural communities.

The I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation believes that women are a part of the development of the “global village”, and day by day this global village becomes more computerized. They are seeing that computerized world is increasingly becoming an unquestioned part of our daily life, social constructions and conventions. We are also able to see that the development of IT, computers, Internet, intranets etc., has changed and to some extent also made information and communication more accessible to the individuals in their professional as well as private life. The I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation is aware of the global fact that women have lower earnings than men because of intrinsic feminine attributes or because of features of their environment, and we are able to see where information technology offers great potential benefits to girls and women. For reasons such as these our foundation for the year 2012-2014, aims is to promote entrepreneurship via technology among women.