Pass It On Award Recipients

Lakshmi S.

2017 Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project: Transform women-headed NGOs in South India

Lakshmi is a seasoned professional graduate from Tamilnadu, India with a degree in Computer Technology. She has associated with many grass root level Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in rural parts of South India for the past 5 years to transform with digital technologies and to withstand the digital and competitive environment. These NGOs do innovative work in the marginal sections of the society.

The role of NGOs in overall Community Development is laudable in rural India. They implement various committed grass root level activities on health, education, environment, and development issues with appropriate rural technologies with greatest people’s participation. Women-headed NGOs which implement extraordinary community development activities are likewise notable, and should be supported.

In order to help the women-headed NGOs that works in rural South India, Lakshmi would like to select 25 committed women-headed NGOs to train them on website development through popular webservers, and train them on how to design and update them with regular field activities such as MS WORD and drag and drop approaches. The project will also teach women how to use social media sites effectively to help them to grow their organizations, allowing them to effectively help the under-served community at large in South India. Through this, they will be virtually connected to the external world and can mobilize support for the long run.