Pass It On Award Recipients

Nakyeyune P.

Fall 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title: 


Project Description: 

The ICT sensitization center for women and girls, shall involve computer training packages for women and girls who knows to speak and write English in the age bracket of (18-30) who dropped out of school at lower secondary level and studied in village schools where there is no computers. Nakyeyune’s project will equip the trainees with word, excel, access computer skills,  and introduce them to the Internet. She teach communication skills, how to search for information from the Internet;  e.g. sending emails, charting with friends on face book among other things.  Nakyeyune will also advise them to take advantage of the Internet to advance their studies by taking online courses, and how to make use of the computer and Internet to improve their lives.  In the year 2014, Nakyeyune expects to have four intakes, and there shall be 2 study sessions day and evening. By the end of year 2014, she expects to have trained a total of 150 women and in computer skills and those who are trained to “pass on” the knowledge to their friends plus husbands and children.