Pass It On Award Recipients

Obeng R.

Fall 2012 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title:

Women and girls empowerment in ICT (Computer & Internet literacy) for the job market in the Wenchi Municipality

Project Description:

Obeng applied for the award to be used for women and young girls (in and out of school) to participate in a free computer and internet training program to promote ICT literacy in the Wenchi Municipality in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. Most adults, especially women in this part of the country lack knowledge in computing not to talk of internet skills.

Children in basic schools are now being introduced to computing, and just a few children who come from elite homes have the opportunity to the internet. The project will therefore train women, especially those in business to better promote their businesses for increased incomes.

Young girls who in and out of school and are roaming the streets without jobs and indulging themselves in bad habits just to meet their needs and to help with family upkeep will all be involved in this training program. Oben will use the award to offset cost of this program.