Pass It On Award Recipients

Polyxeni M.

2011 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:
Robots, Dwarves and ‘Alice in Wonderland’: a Different View of Computer Science for College and High School Girls

Project Description:

Polyxeni is a new Computer Science faculty member at Jacksonville University (JU). She completed her Ph.D. at North Carolina State University and previously worked as a Software Performance Engineer at IBM, Research Triangle Park. The mission of her project is to attract young women to studies in computer science and engineering fields through a mentoring network with a pyramid structure. Faculty at JU will form a computer science organization for college women teaching how to program with Alice, design a website using Microsoft Word and WebDwarf, and build and program robots with Lego MindStorms. The college women will pass the experience gained with these applications on to high school girls, through quarterly workshops at JU computer labs.