Pass It On Award Recipients

Rebecca A.

Spring 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title: 

Computer Training for the Vulnerable Women/Young Widows (CT4TV Project 2013)

Project Description:

Rebecca will use her award to educate widows, underprivileged and diseased women in website designing, web development networking, graphic design and other web based technologies. She sees much disparity in her country between men and women.  These disparities derive from cultural prejudices against women which accord women’s education low priority and limited areas of economic activity in which women could be gainfully employed. They tend therefore to be confined to domesticated disciplines such as catering, nursing, teaching, hair dressing and other service – related fields. They are however gaining economic emancipation and venturing into man dominated.

Rebecca intends to collaborate with the National Directorate of Employment and some small/medium enterprises agencies to better implement her training program. Personally, Rebecca believes that if you train a woman, you are training a Nation and wants to focus on the neglected and shunned women of her society.