Pass It On Award Recipients

Rupa D.

Fall 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title: 


Project Description:

Rupa started CodeChix as a grassroots group in 2009 in her living room in San Jose. The first meeting had 3 members attend and we all wondered where the other women were. It’s been 4 years and CodeChix has a membership base of 300+ engineers and three chapters.  Codechix is focused on technical skills, specifically coding/programming as well as domain knowledge. They conduct monthly events in the form of hands-on workshops, hacking sessions and technical talks. They also speak at conferences to promote women engineers.  Rupa has been “passing on”  her knowledge and experience to many women engineers by mentoring and coaching them (currently mentoring 5 women) for several years.  She will continue her mentoring role as well as setting the vision and direction of CodeChix. There have been several women engineers who have benefited greatly from CodeChix both in technical skills as well as being promoted.  She hopes to have many more women engineers in industry advance their technical knowledge base and grow the number of women engineers in industry.  Her hope is to reverse the current trend of women engineers moving to non-technical roles or dropping out of the industry altogether.