Pass It On Award Recipients

Sazia M.

2016 Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project: Girls get WISE: Techxpedition

The project “Girls get WISE: Techxpedition” is aimed towards middle school girls to inspire them to try computing activities like programming and working with robotics. “Girls get WISE: Techxpedition” is based on the successful model of the “Girls get WISE: Tidal Energy” program, which was held in March 2016 at Acadia University. The event will have two sessions: one will be geared towards robotics programming, and the other will be concentrated towards game development. The participants will be mentored by university students throughout the two sessions.

“It is essential that the girls achieve a successful outcome in each activity,” Sazia said. “It is also essential that each session be adaptable to take into consideration the computing background of each of the participants.”