Pass It On Award Recipients

Tanja D.

2016 Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project: Attendance of Summer School on Argumentation (SSA) and COMMA conference

Tanja is at an early stage of her research career, and is seizing the opportunity to connect with other early researchers in her area as well as with established researchers. In addition, SSA will be an excellent way for her to learn more about her subject area, whereas attending COMMA would allow Tanja to gain insight into what conferences are like and to hear about cutting edge research in her area by the researchers themselves.

“As with many events in computer science, I would expect the gender balance of the attendees to be skewed,” Tanja said. “I believe that it is important to cultivate environments within STEM and computer science in particular, where women feel welcome and comfortable, and I believe that aiming to have more women attend these events can contribute to this.”