Pass It On Award Recipients

Tariro M.

Fall 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title:

Empowering Teenage Mothers Through Computer Skills Appreciation

Project Description:

This is a one of a kind computer skills project designed and targeting teenage mothers. teenage pregnancy is a harsh reality that has taken away many of the young girls ambitions and dreams and more so taken away her chance to further her academics in formal school. in Zimbabwe this is still a contentious issues as the girl is forced to drop out when she gets pregnant while the boy responsible for the pregnancy continues with is education. the girl is left to face the harsh reality of community exclusion and even her own family exclusion, emotional stress, single handed child rearing and long term risks of contracting HIV/AIDS, STDS AND STIS and more so living in poverty due to lack of skills and academic knowledge. The project seeks to target the teenage mothers who were forced to drop out of formal school because of teenage pregnancy. Talent and ambition is lost in most cases based on observation, teenage mothers face the harsh reality of poverty and resort to prostitution in order to raise income for their sustenance and this further poses them to health risks of contracting HIV/AIDS and risking leaving their children as orphans. deeply rooting the lives of these children as well in poverty. Hence, the relevance of this project to help empower the teenage mothers and spread the message of hope again. it is our belief that because of what they went through that does not make them less of a human being and they need love, care and support from the community in order for them to realize their self worth as young women.