Pass It On Award Recipients

Tin Wing (Winona) W.

2009 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:


Project Description:

Winona of Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada, will use the funding to encourage 8th – 10th grade high school girls to take an interest in computer science. The program, Try/CATCH 2010, will host a half-day event full of activities geared towards fostering curiosity about computer science and will provide basic knowledge that will serve as a foundation for the girls to build more advanced skills from. Scheduled activities include creating a movie-like program using the Alice programming environment that focuses on object-oriented programming concepts, showing the importance of user interfaces in software by working with iPhone applications, and having the students attend a reception where they will have an opportunity to visit with sponsors and talk with representatives from different companies. Networking will be encouraged and the advantages of working in a technology field will be highlighted through discussion with women mentors.