Pass It On Award Recipients

Tracy L.

Fall 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title:

Girls in Tech: A Hands-On Experience

Project Description:

Rebecca will “pass it on” by fostering an interest in technology for girls and women through Girls In Tech.  Girls In Tech: A Hands-On Experience will be a one-day technology fair, 9 AM – 5 PM, targeted at attracting girls and women to come on campus to experience various aspects of technology and hands-on activities.  This will give our local female population a sampling of different technology activities such as game programming with Kodu Game Labs, phone app development with App Inventor, computer hardware, and team building skills.  Following up by providing technology camps, seminars, and workshops throughout the year for diverse age groups to begin to establish a stable pipeline in our area to nurture further growth and development for women and girls, including underrepresented minorities, in technological fields of study. They recently concluded an Aspire IT camp and our initiative is to continue the momentum that our all-girl middle school programming camp generated. They are currently working on grants from Google and NSF, in addition to seed fund monies through NCWIT to carry on these initiatives as aggressively as possible.