Pass It On Award Recipients

Zarema K.

2010 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:

Prelude to Success

Project Description:

Zarema is an instructor of programming and web-design at the Small Academy of Sciences in Crimea. She is also the chairperson of the Resource and Information Center “Koz-Aydin”, which reclaims and preserves Crimean Tatar cultural heritage lost during the Stalinist genocide of 1943-44. This year, she initiated a Women’s Club, “Nenkejan”, aimed at activating leadership among the Crimean Tatar women. Her PIO award-funded group project, Prelude to Success, will further the work of the Nenkejan Women’s Club, which will provide training in Internet technologies and new media, and uses the Internet to build and foster links with the international community of female leaders and women’s organizations. Members of Nenkejan Women’s Club will acquire the principles of project development, management and implementation, in order that they may sustain their socially-minded and culturally important projects and initiatives.