Andrea Frost

Western Washington University

NSF Scholarship Recipient

I am a Computer Science Student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. In September I will transition to the Graduate Program and will be working towards completion of a Master’s Degree in CS. Outside of school I am very active in my community by doing work with grieving children and adults. My father died when I was young, so I enjoy being a helping hand to families in a similar situation. If I am able to find the appropriate avenue, I would love to work in the HCI and Accessibility realms to participate in creating technology to assist persons with disabilities. I also speak German and have a BA in German Language!

Much of my life has been focused on traveling and being physically active in sports and in the mountains. I have lived in several different countries and I used to work as a Wildland Firefighter in Alaska.

“My dream is to develop software and hardware that makes computing easier for persons with disabilities. Therefore, I would love to be involved in the HCI and Accessibility communities, though there are currently no outlets for this at my university.”