Ann Clifton

Simon Fraser University
NSF Scholarship Recipient

I did my B.A. in Linguistics at Reed College, after which I became interested in using computational methods to solve natural language problems. So, I studied Computer Science at Portland State University to prepare for a M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics. After completing my M.Sc. at Simon Fraser University, I felt that there still a lot of questions I wanted to explore, so I continued at SFU to work on a Ph.D. in Computer Science. I’m now beginning my fourth year of Ph.D. research, investigating using Machine Learning techniques for Natural Language Processing. I’m focusing on developing models that recruit the data’s latent structural information to solve a variety of natural language tasks.

Question: What are you most excited/looking forward to at GHC?

Answer” “I am most excited about hearing about the experiences of women in this field that I admire. It’s very inspiring and motivational to get the chance to meet some of the women that I consider role models and that have helped me to feel that this is a field I am passionate about pursuing, despite the fact that it’s one in which women are the minority.”