Anna Eilering

Indiana University, Bloomington
NSF Scholarship Recipient

I am an undergraduate student at Indiana University Studying Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. As a member of the IU Intelligent Motion Laboratory I am involved in robotics research. Currently I am working on a project to identify compositional objects in 3D environments to be used on the Team DRC-HUBO robot for the DARPA Robotics Challenge. I am a student ambassador for my school as well as an officer in the CS Club and a founding member of the Robotics Club.

“When I was a child we were poor. I mean, like, super poor. My grandfather was a janitor at a local college and he was always bringing home old computers that they had thrown away. I remember looking at these computers, this being the early 80’s when they were still incredibly rare especially in my neighbourhood, and just being amazed. We, he and I, didn’t know anything about electronics or computers but we would open them up and try to get them running. I remember just marvelling at the chips and wires, they seemed so small and tiny but so powerful. This inspired within me a passion for technology that never left. As a young adult I had to make career choices that would help me support my family but, when things were stable enough that my parents didn’t need my help, I was able to return to school and pursue the dream that started when I was gazing at those old computers.”