Aubrey Conard

Butler University
NSF Scholarship Recipient

I aspire to pursue a management position in the field of International Business for non for profit organizations of my own. I plan to incorporate my educational background, life experiences, creativity and compassion into my entrepreneurial endeavors aiming to make a significant difference globally. Technology plays a significant role in the foundation of all of my start up organization plans and will serve as a prototype for competitors. With the high level of success of my businesses, along with their philanthropic efforts along the way, I will give back to the world large scale.

“Throughout my various experiences with computing and technology, females are continually underrepresented. The Grace Hopper Conference is designed to bring the research and interest of women in computing to the forefront which is not only personally inspiring but also serves as an opportunity for me, in this critical time of growth and self definition, to broaden my awareness of the opportunities in computing, provoking my best abilities of which I am enthusiastic about paying forward.”