Irene Chen

Harvard University
NSF Scholarship Recipient

Irene Chen is currently a senior at Harvard College who has been engaged with technology, computing, and its applications in a number of contexts, from developing machine learning algorithms at an education start-up this past summer to coordinating Harvard’s pilot program of Girls Who Code. At Harvard, she is pursuing both a BA in Applied Math with an area of application in Computer Science and Economics, as well as a MS in Computational Science and Engineering. In her downtime, she enjoys making mathematical quilts and researching guacamole recipes.

Question: What are you most excited about/looking forward to at GHC?

Answer: “I have too often found myself the only female around in my computer science classrooms, meetings in my internship, and general technology-related events. I am especially excited to meet a host of talented and inspiring women in a field where there are still too few women.”