Joy Hill

Carleton College

@WalamartLabs Scholarship Recipient

I was born in England, raised in Texas, and I’m currently a rising sophomore at Carleton College. I plan to declare a double-major in Computer Science and International Relations. Both subjects continue to push and inspire me daily, and I often find thinking about one in terms of the other can deepen my understanding of both. This coming year, I’m looking forward to working on a project with Carleton Academic Technologies, grading for the CS department and, of course, attending the Grace Hopper Celebration!

“I think, rather than it being important for me to attend GHC, it is more important for me to return from GHC. To bring the ideas, experiences, and renewed excitement in the field back to my school and my community and show any and all who might be interested that it is possible, no matter what obstacles they may face in doing so.”