Mahsa Badami

University of Louisville

AT&T Scholarship Recipient

Even as a child, I was expected to achieve greatness. I was admitted to NODET, a center of National Organizations for Development of Exceptional Talents, where the highest levels of education are provided. During this time, I was involved in development of a number of programming projects for which I was rewarded as a remarkable knowledge seeker and selected as the best student in Iranian Best Students Congress, at Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, for two consecutive years. As a result of interactions with the best students in Iran, I was motivated to take part in National Olympiads where I was among semi-finalists in Mathematics, Physics and Computer area. In addition to this great experience, my strong interest in changing the way that human beings understand the world is the solid reason for which I have chosen Computer Engineering as my major. This attitude was formed when I watched A.I. movie and I was captured by the modern world which resulted in an extreme hope in me to be a part of those who change the globe. In 2008, I graduated from Islamic Azad University of Hamedan. After a while I realized that what motivated me was not the hardware but the concept behind building such intelligent creatures. While studying “Artificial Intelligence” course during my undergraduate studies, I realized that my childhood dream could come true someday and would not be a dream anymore. My amazing experience, strong aptitude and aspiration toward computer science during undergraduate studies led to my participation in graduate computer science program, Artificial Intelligence, at Shiraz University, one of the most significant universities in IRAN. Ultimately, due to my strong desire to achieve more success, I eagerly seeked my fortune at USA, which is the convergence point of science and industry. I got admitted at University of Louisville. I believe USA which is a perfect place for me to achieve my goals while many of the research opportunities in a Laboratory, at computer engineering and computer science, are quite appealing, such as Knowledge Discovery and Web Mining, Intelligent Systems and Data Mining laboratory. Now, I am doing my ph.D as a research assistantship in a Knowledge Discovery and Web Mining laboratory.