Mai El-Shehaly

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
FireEye Scholarship Recipient

Mai El-Shehaly is a PhD candidate at the Computer Science department in Virginia Tech.~

She graduated with honors from the CS department in Suez Canal University in 2003. She was hired by the same university as a Teaching Assistant in 2004.~

In 2005, Mai volunteered as a research assistant at CISST Lab until 2006. She received her Masters degree from Virginia Tech in Network security data visualization in 2009. Later the same year, she went back to her home university in Egypt, spent a year in teaching and published her first book.~

She joined the PhD program at Virginia Tech in 2011, and passed the PhD qualifier exam in the same year with top scores.~

Her current research focuses on time-variant volume data processing and visualization using High Performance Graphics techniques.

“I am inspired by Dr. Barbara Ryder our department head at Virginia Tech, with her professional and academic achievements and her sweet spirit.”