Melissa Dalis

Duke University
Intuit Scholarship Recipient

Melissa Dalis is a senior at Duke University majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics and minoring in Economics. She has interned at Microsoft for the past two summers, most recently as a Software Development Engineer in Test Intern on the Outlook team in the Microsoft Office Division. Her thesis research that she will present at Grace Hopper is in computational game theory, and she is currently developing algorithms for optimizing casino’s earnings by determining when they should remove players who might be cheating. At Duke, Melissa is the President of the Association for Computing Machinery, Teaching Assistant for the Design and Analysis of Algorithms course, Microsoft Intern Ambassador, recipient of the Microsoft Scholarship, and IT Director for her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta. Before interning at Microsoft, she spent her summers on research involved creating education materials to teach middle school students math concepts using the Alice programming environment, and going to a research center in Madagascar to build a database of years of biological research data. Within computer science, Melissa is interested in machine learning, data mining, search, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

Question: What are you most excited/looking forward to at GHC?

Answer: “I heard a talk at a previous conference about the “Impostor Syndrome”. As a minority in the tech industry, women often feel undeserving of their achievements. Learning from and talking to many women at GHC will be very motivating to me in my dreams of become a leader in the technology industry. During this event, women from all over the world will come together and realize not only how much we have each achieved individually, but what we could all achieve if we come together and support one another. As a participant in this conference, I am so excited to be a part of this experience that will really strengthen our community.