Melissa J. Bica

Santa Clara University
NSF Scholarship Recipient

Melissa Bica is a senior at Santa Clara University completing her degree in Computer Science & Engineering. This past summer, she worked for an NGO in India called iMerit which provides IT training and employment for rural women and youth. She created tools to improve efficiency of projects and conducted training for young women in HTML and CSS. Previously, Melissa interned at Qualcomm in San Diego and worked on automating performance benchmark tests for various Android operating systems. Melissa is interested in web design and user experience, and would like to pursue one of these fields in graduate school after completing her degree. She loves volunteering and speaking at events to encourage younger students and women to explore the field of computer engineering. Melissa’s dream for the future is to utilize both her technical skills and her passion for social justice issues.

“I also look forward to the chance to meet people at companies I could potentially intern for next summer, and representatives of schools I could potentially attend for graduate school next year.”