Sumaiya Hashmi

Claremont McKenna College

Goldman Sachs Technology Scholarship Recipient

I’m a student at Claremont McKenna College double majoring in computer science and neuroscience. I’ve interned in software engineering consulting at Pivotal Labs and did a project in Natural Language Processing at Expedia. Prior to that, I worked on neuropharmacology research at The Hospital for Sick Children, and did EEG studies in a cognitive neuroscience lab. I also grade and tutor computer science courses at Harvey Mudd and Pomona College. In my spare time, I like to read books, play tennis, and visit coffee shops. I’m graduating in December 2013. After that, I’d like to work in software development with a focus on AI and machine learning, ideally within the healthcare domain.

“My mentor and professor Dr. Sara Sood has been a great inspiration. Like myself, she began pursuing computer science late in her undergraduate career, and has therefore been a wonderful example that it can be done, and done well.”