Women of Vision

Why You Should Sponsor Women of Vision 2016

Thousands of women across the world are transforming technology every day. These women drive innovation as team leaders, visionary entrepreneurs and as role models to younger women to pursue their dreams for a career in technology.

Unfortunately, these inspirational women’s stories often go unheard and unrewarded. That’s why AnitaB.org hosts the Women of Vision Awards Banquet each spring. Women of Vision is a special evening dedicated to to celebrating the achievements of women technologists and honoring them with distinguished awards throughout the night. Recognizing these incredible women and their accomplishments sets them apart as role models for other women at their companies and in the industry.

Sponsoring WoV is an incredible opportunity to publicly support your company’s senior level women. Our sponsorships include several benefits, including branding, publicity and, for award sponsors, an opportunity to address the audience directly. All sponsors are featured on Women of Vision website and the event credit reel. All levels of sponsorship include a table for ten guests, so the event is a great chance for your whole team to celebrate and network. Women of Vision lets you recognize the stars in your organization, meet local students and recruit high level talent.

Beyond the tangible sponsorship benefits, supporting Women of Vision demonstrates your commitment to diversity and technological innovation.

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