Recruiting your committees

Tips on staffing your committee

  • Co-Chairs should be from Industry and Academia
  • It is preferred for program and track Co-chairs to have had a leadership roles in GHC US/GHC India or other conferences.
  • Balance between Industry, Academia, Labs, Entrepreneurs.
  • No 2 people from the same company/organization.
  • Please consider recruiting a diverse team comprising of technologists across gender, ages, ethnicity, nationalities and companies /academic institutions.
  • Regarding the number of people on the committee, it depends on the number of submissions we get. Each submission should be reviewed by 3 people. And we want each person to get a good amount of submissions to review so they can make an informed decision on what to pick (*). We suggest 10 – 15 on your team
  • Co-chairs count themselves as reviewers too.
  • Share SOW with potential volunteers. It should have the following components:
    • Job Description
    • Key Objectives/Deliverables
    • Timeline and Time Commitment

Action Items

  • Do committee members receive free registration?
  • Create Statement of Work for each committee/sub committee chairs