Review Phase

  • Ensure that while assigning reviews potential conflicts of interests are taken into consideration such as assigning to someone from the same organization, or a committee member could have submitted a proposal. Ask team to help you by coming forward and declaring any potential conflicts
  • Setup up Office Hours during review time. Be available on chat or email to be able to answer questions that the team may have.
  • Follow-up with team members to ensure that reviews get done on time
  • Before the co-chairs deliberate on their final decision, setup a meeting with the team so they have a forum to discuss their reviews, borderline proposals and ask questions
  • Set an early deadline for all the initial reviews to be completed and entered onto the submission/review site, perhaps 2 weeks after submissions close. Then, as co-chairs, you need to determine which proposals were highly enough rated to be accepted for Grace Hopper.
  • Clearly mark the proposal acceptances and rejections on the submission site before the review deadline.
  • Technical Reviews are coded as being “Beginner Level”,” Intermediate Level” or “Advanced Level”. Consequently do take this into consideration at the time of making your final recommendations