Does your company have a mentorship program for women? Are you implementing new and inclusive recruiting techniques? We’d love to hear about the unique ways your organization is supporting and encouraging women in tech!

As an Partner, you have the opportunity to have one (1) Partner Spotlight a year published to highlight the innovative ways you are advocating for change and equality in the tech field. We will feature your Partner Spotlight on our home page for two weeks, and will also promote your article on our social media channels.

Articles are typically 1,000 words or less, and should focus on a program, policy, or inspiring story that demonstrates your organization’s dedication to promoting diversity and women in tech.

Still uncertain what kind of article you should submit? Check out some examples of past Partner Spotlights:

Qualcomm Women’s Summit: Women in Technology Overcome Fear to Embrace Opportunity
Qualcomm gathered more than 100 female engineering students to use their coding skills to solve real world problems while making lasting connections with other women in technology and gaining hands-on experience.

GoDaddy Emerges as Unexpected Champion for Women in Technology
GoDaddy, once notorious for its sexist ads, is working hard to turn around its reputation, both internally and externally. The company now hopes to be a beacon for women in technology.

Allstate: Providing Opportunities for Women in Tech to Thrive
Read an interview with Marisela Brum on how Allstate is providing opportunities for women in tech to thrive in their company.


If you are interested in submitting a spotlight article, fill out our Partner Spotlight Signup form to let us know when you would like your article to be published.

Please note that you must submit your article to us at least three (3) weeks before your scheduled publication date. If you do not submit your article on time, we will be unable to publish it until the next available time slot.

Take advantage of this Partner benefit and show the world how you are supporting women in tech!


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