Indian Women in Computing

Neetu Jain

Neetu Jain is the Lead Digital Product Manager at USAA where she is actively involved in incubating the office of opensource for the company along with managing other IT products that help USAA developers with their Digital Transformation journey. She has more than a decade of experience in software development and product management with various domains like Cloud Security (IBM), Network Security (HP), EDA (Interra Systems), and Telecom(ST Micro).

Neetu has extensive background of working in security products. She has a master’s degree in Computers and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics. Neetu is passionate about empowering the minority through technology and has held multiple volunteering positions and various NPOs to fulfill her passion. She has lead local chapters of women in product and pyladies, she has spoken at multiple conferences about her professional and volunteering experiences, she has chaired programs at GHC and fincode, and mentored several students and professionals to help them grow.