Founding Systers

In 1987, Anita founded Systers, an online community, with 12 fellow women technologists. These founders wanted to provide a space for women to discuss about issues they experienced at work and share resources with each other. To this day, Systers offers a closed-network, safe community for women technologists.

Below are the original 13 Founding Systers. Each member’s professional affiliation in 1987, when the list was founded, is shown in parentheses; second affiliation is current as of 2018.

Anita Borg – (Digital Equipment Corporation Systems Research Center) Founding Systers’ Keeper, Co-Founder of – deceased

Stella Atkins – (Simon Fraser University) Professor Emerita, Simon Fraser University

Miche Baker-Harvey – (Digital Equipment Corporation ) Member of Technical Staff, Google

Carla Ellis – (Duke University) Professor Emerita, Duke University

Joan Francioni – (Michigan Technological University) Professor, Winona State University

Susan Gerhart – (Microelectronic & Computer Corporation) Speculative Fiction Author & Retired Software Researcher

Anita Jones – (Carnegie Mellon University) University Professor Emerita, University of Virginia

Rivka Ladin – (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Hewlett-Packard

Barbara Jane Liskov – (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Professor, MIT School of Engineering

Sherri Menees Nichols – (Carnegie Mellon University) Community volunteer in education and politics

Susan Owicki – (Digital Equipment Corporation Systems Research Center) Counselor, Stanford University

Liuba Shrira – (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Professor, Brandeis University

Karen Sollins – (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Principal Scientist, MIT

Our thanks to Dr. Anita Jones, who helped us track down the original Systers in 2012.