Systers and CRA-W

Lists Co-Sponsored by CRA-W

CRA-W is the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) committee on the Status of Women in Computing research. has a long history of collaboration with CRA and CRA-W. CRA was the founding sponsor of the Institute’s flagship Conference, the Grace Hopper Celebration. CRA-W programs serve women in academia, including graduate students and faculty. Each year CRA-W awards the Anita Borg Early Career award, named in honor of founder, a long time member of CRA-W. Telle Whitney, the president of, serves on CRA-W.

CRA-W and partner on a number of programs. One such program is the CRA-W email communities listed below, which are hosted by These email communities provide a forum for discussions for people who are at a similar place in their career.


PhdjobhuntHers is a moderated mailing list for women who are seeking or starting beginning Ph.D. level jobs in computer science, computer engineering, or information technology in academia, industry, or government laboratories. This is a confusing period; the goal of this mailing list is to enable women undergoing this process to talk to one another.

JrProfessHers (Pre-Tenures)

JrProfessHers (Pretenures) is a moderated mailing list for women faculty in computer science,computer engineering and information technology who do not yet have tenure. Being in a new (or relatively new) job and going through the tenure process can be stressful. It can be useful to share experiences with and get advice from other women in the same situation. Some topics will likely be specific to women, while others will be more general.


ProfessHers is a moderated mailing list for women faculty members in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology to informally discuss issues related to their jobs and being successful in their careers. Possible topics include aspects of graduate and undergraduate teaching, advising students, research, funding, interactions with colleagues, professional service, time management, promotion, and administrative work, especially for issues that are affected by being a woman or for which the perspectives of other women faculty are desired.


ResearcHers is an informal organization for women computer science researchers. Women in computer science research are invited to join the list. No managers or students, please.