Systers Initiatives

Get involved with Systers with a variety of programs, from special interest groups to our Pass It On Awards. Click on an initiative or group to learn more.

Community Voices
Read the inspirational stories and experiences of our Systers members.

Pass It On Awards
Funded by Systers and others, these awards allow the winners to “pass on” their expertise by funding their projects to support other women in tech.

Mentoring at Google Summer of Code
Systers guide and mentor women in computing as part of the Google Summer of Code each year.

Systers Open Source Projects
Our development initiatives expose women in computing to open source software and development lifecycle while supporting projects with social impact.

Special Interest Groups

Share experiences and discuss questions of interest to female entrepreneurs in IT and related areas.

Join a a private email forum for female technical students, alumnae, faculty, and staff at community colleges.

Systers-Dev (Google Summer of Code and Open Source)
Join a group discussing the development of our open source mailing list project, a customized version of GNU Mailman.

Systers-FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
Join a discussion about getting started with open source development.

Systers-IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
Systers involved in IETF topics can participate by email or in person at Systers-IETF meetings.

Share knowledge and opportunities in a mentor-like atmosphere with students as well as industry and academic researchers.

Be part of this women-only group to discuss purely technical and computing-related topics that are not specific to women.

Join a list for female Wikipedians.

Women in Cybersecurity & Privacy
Join women from academia, research, and industry to network, share knowledge, and provide or receive mentoring in cybersecurity.

CRA-W Email Groups

CRA-W is the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) committee on the Status of Women in Computing research. The following email communities are hosted by

This moderated mailing list supports women who are seeking or beginning doctorate-level jobs in computer science, computer engineering, or information technology, either in academia, industry, or government laboratories.

This moderated mailing list provides a venue for  women faculty members in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology to informally discuss job-related issues and career advancement.

JrProfessHers (Pre-Tenures)
This moderated mailing list supports women faculty in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology who do not yet have tenure.

This informal organization gathers non-managerial, non-academic female computer science researchers.