Mentoring Middle School and High School Girls in Programming

Mentoring has proven to be very useful in career development especially with Technical Women. Mentorships tremendously help women that are interested in technical fields gain access to both technical and management positions. These low numbers are rising due to mentorships at young ages.

Where Design, Art and Technology Meet, Innovation is Endless!

Technology innovation is just that, innovation. It is used to help industries like health field, communications and businesses improve their processes and help their customers more efficiently. But Leslie Birch, a recent Spring 2013 Pass It On award winner, innovates through technology in art, design and fashion. Read her thank you note below and don’t forget to watch her personal video to Systers.

Tech Abled – Empowering Women with Disabilities Through Technology

“Tech Abled – Empowering women with disabilities through technology” project: This is an information awareness project that focuses on women with spinal cord injuries and particularly women living with quadriplegia. I started the Tech Abled project to teach women with spinal cord injuries how to use voice-activated software to enable them to use computers independently despite their lack of mobility.

Grandma Got STEM

The blog started the discussion thread about the grandmas that are on Systers list. Fortunately, we also have STEM grandmas on the Systers list. What if you are old enough to be in the grandma club, but lack grandchildren or even children? The Systers are happy to include those that technically might not be grand-“mothers”. They are the courageous women who managed to have careers in the male dominated field of STEM and were not driven out of the field by misogyny. They are the ones who paved the way for other women to follow.

Dear CES, Objectification is Calling

In the short three minute video we get to see beautiful women from near and far playing with gadgets, giving away prizes, dancing, plying company wares, and then (my favorite) standing almost stark naked covered in body paint to serve as some kind of installation art piece [see below picture]. These women are otherwise known as booth babes.