Passion for Programming

Recently, I met a (male) colleague at the coffee machine and told him how excited I was about solving a tough coding problem. He was completely surprised to learn that I code and I love to do it. I was taken aback by this reaction, but he told me that he’d never met women with a passion for coding who keep doing it after their junior years. And when I think about this and look at the women in IT whom I know in person, I can understand his perception.

Systers Meetups: Making a Global Impact Through Local Community Involvement

On or around January 17, 2012 Systers celebrated Anita Borg’s birthday with first global meetups in cities across the globe. The meetups were open to all technical women which gave potential members of Systers an opportunity to learn more about, Systers, and the annual Grace Hopper Celebration. Additionally, women discussed ways to introduce computing fields to young girls and women in their local communities; a call-to-action goal to not only help to increase the number of women in computing fields, but be more engaged at grassroots level.

Robotics & High Schoolers

The best thing related to computers that I or my parents could find when I was a teenager, awkward and crazy dorky, was programming classes. You know what would have been a whole lot better? Building robots. You know what would have been even better? An all-girl robot group!

Life as a Professor

We hear discussions about academia as a way of life (as opposed to a 9-5 gig that can be turned off) and whether or not flexible work hours offset the large time commitment of an academic job. We hear advice about managing time wisely and having children on the tenure track. And, we hear from those who took alternate routes (like entrepreneurship) after deciding against academia.