A young woman smiles as she looks at her computer screen at the GCH 16 Open Source Day
  • September 29, 2017

AnitaB.org’s Curriculum Series

AnitaB.org’s curriculum modules
 provide career guidance to women technologists by connecting them with each other and the resources they need. Learn how you can further your career in computing and technology!
Two women examining a robot at GHC 16

New Year, New Curriculum

ABI launched two new modules in our curriculum series. Start the new year right by learning how to prepare for interviews, design your career path and sharpen your tech skills.
Woman shaking hands at the start of an interview - Module three is about getting the interview.

Module 3: Getting the Interview

You did everything right — sent your resume with the cover letter, filled application forms, posted your profile online and researched the company, but how do you actually get the interview?