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Leslie B.

Spring 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title: 

Become a Tech Artist and Educator

Project Description: 

Leslie will use her award to attend a workshop on ‘Crafting Electricity: Interactive Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures’ by Leah Buechley  (inventor of Lilypad Arduino). The workshop is expected to integrate crafts like painting, drawing, and paper-folding with electronic design, programming and construction. This workshop will not only expand Leslie’s experience with programming, but it will also expand her exposure to different conductive materials.  She hopes to create a similar class at The Hacktory on crafts and electronics which would be available to a larger community.

Ever since Leslie  found out you can combine electronics, programming and craft materials, she’s never been the same.  She spent the past couple of years following Leah Buechley’s work, from the sewable Lilypad Arduino to conductive wallpaper.  Leslie is currently working on projects like a musical conductive yarn web, an skirt that uses LED’s to light the path of the International Space Station, and a chopstick Geisha LED hair ornament that reacts to head tilt.    She wants to be an artist and educator like Leah, and this award will allow her to spend a week at Shakerag Workshops in TN studying with Leah.  Her class “Crafting Electricity” will integrate traditional crafts like drawing, painting and sculpting with untraditional materials like conductive fabric and color changing inks.   They will be using Arduino programming and Processing, so she’ll be expanding her programming skills as an artist.  As an educator, Leslie will be taking the skills she’s learned and forming her own workshop for The Hacktory – an art/tech organization in Philadelphia.  She hopes to use art to encourage younger and older women in technology; in the same way someone used art to encourage her.  ”Thank you so much, Systers.  You’ve allowed me to hitch a ride on a comet.” Leslie B.