2022 Abie Awards

Celebrating the achievements
of women and non-binary technologists.

Announcing the 2022 Abie Award Winners!

At AnitaB.org, we celebrate and highlight the success of women and non-binary technologists and those who support women in tech. Our Abie (pronounced AB-ee) Awards honor these distinguished leaders, whose achievements and life stories demonstrate that all of us have the power to improve our world, individually and collectively.

Abie Award Categories

Previous Winners

2021 Technical Leadership Abie Award Winner
Dr. Nuria Oliver
2021 Student of Vision Abie Award Winner
Ainura Sagyn
2021 Educational Innovation Abie Award Winner
Lisa Hauser
Dr. Nuria Oliver

2021 Emerging Technologist Abie Award Winner
Eden Canlilar
2021 Social Impact Abie Award Winner
Dr. Dieuwertje Kast

Social Impact
Abie Award

The Social Impact Abie Award recognizes those making a positive impact on society as a whole via technology. Nominees may have developed technology that caused social change or empowered underrepresented peoples. Presented at vGHC 21.


Educational Innovation
Abie Award

in Honor of A. Richard Newton

The Educational Innovation Abie Award in Honor of A. Richard Newton recognizes educators for developing innovative teaching practices and approaches that attract female students to computing, engineering, and math in K-12 or undergraduate education. Newton was a professor and dean of the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, a pioneer in electronic design automation and integrated circuit design, and a visionary leader in the technology industry. Presented at vGHC 21.


Emerging Technologist
Abie Award

The Emerging Technologist Abie Award recognizes a midcareer woman or non-binary technologist in the first 10 years of her technical career. She uses her leadership and technological talents in high impact initiatives, and is making important contributions to the advancement of women in technology. Presented at vGHC 21.


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