Alegría Baquero’s Tech Journey and Vision for a More Inclusive Future

Read time: 4 minutes   Tell us about your Tech Journey: I am Alegría Baquero. I started my tech journey in my home country, Ecuador, first as a multimedia developer and later as co-founder of a small web development company. Seven years later, I came to the United States to pursue my Master’s in Informatics... Read post

Challenging Ableism: Empowering Women with Disabilities in Tech for a More Inclusive Future

Read time:  5 Minutes   Every year on July 26, the United States celebrates National Disability Independence Day, commemorating the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA, signed into law in 1990, is the nation’s first comprehensive law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities.     Americans with Disabilities   While monumental, the... Read post

Battling the Binary: Celebrating International Non-Binary People’s Day and Challenging Gender Norms in Tech and Society

Read post

Breaking Barriers: Empowering BIPOC Mental Health in Tech and Beyond

 July is BIPOC Mental Health Month, an opportunity to focus on the unique mental health challenges and needs of historically oppressed groups Read post

Celebrating Autistic Pride Day 2023

June 18 is Autistic Pride Day, an opportunity to amplify the voices of tech women on the spectrum and continue to promote acceptance, inclusion, and the understanding that diversity is truly what makes our world richer and more beautiful. Read post

Arlan Hamilton: Investing in Black Women’s History

Despite the success stories and contributions of Black entrepreneurs to the tech industry, they still face significant barriers in securing venture funding. Read post

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Advocacy and Support Resources for Antiracism
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