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Keep up on the latest research on how your organization can create diverse workforces and foster cultures where women technologists can advance in their careers. Read our insights into closing the gender gap in the industry.

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Advancing Women Technologists Into Positions of Leadership The lack of advancement of women technologists is staggering: the representation of women technologists declines by 50% from entry to mid to senior and executive levels. In Advancing Women Technologists Into Positions of Leadership, researched, curated, and developed strategies proven to help organizations advance women technologists into positions of leadership and influence.
Innovation By Design released a report highlighting the advantages companies gain from including women on their teams. The report, Innovation by Design: The Case for Investing in Women report details research findings over the past decade from leading organizations and academics that demonstrate the advantages companies realize by improving the balance of women in the workforce.
Women Technologists Count This paper highlights recommendations to retain women in computing. examines peer-reviewed academic and industry studies, as well as information and best practices from the Top Company Award initiative.
Solutions to Recruit Technical Women Designed to help companies overcome blind spots in recruiting and hiring practices, this report provides solutions for companies across four themes that correspond to each blind spot: recruitment avenues, recruitment practices, the hiring process, and overarching considerations.
Climbing the Technical Ladder  Climbing the Technical Ladder explores the reasons women in computing are represented at substantially lower levels than men and leave technical positions at twice the rate. This seminal research conducted by in 2008 documents the obstacles women face and potential solutions.


Statistics on why women leave tech and how to keep them A timeline of some famous women in computing