The AnitaB.org staff and board are made up of people who are passionate about what women can bring to technology. We understand the needs of women, and have worked inside organizations that view technology innovation as an imperative. Our community extends around the world, driven by the belief that we can accomplish more together than any of us can alone.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is comprised of distinguished technology professionals from industry and academia, dedicated to our mission to connect, inspire and guide women in the field of computing.


Angela Tucci, Chairwoman

Board of Trustee Chairwoman and Chief Operating Officer at Uplight
Angela Tucci, Chairwoman
Chief Operating Officer

Board of Trustee Chairwoman and Chief Operating Officer at Uplight

Vijay Anand, Secretary

Board of Trustee Secretary and Executive Vice President, Engineering at Castlight Health.
Vijay Anand, Secretary
Executive Vice President, Engineering

Board of Trustee Secretary and Executive Vice President, Engineering at Castlight Health.

  • Trustees
    • Angela Tucci, Chairwoman
      Chief Operating Officer Uplight
    • Ash Lopez
      Undergraduate Student, Santa Monica College, Student Trustee, & CEO Serpent Sec Sol LLC
    • Ashley Johnson
      Chief Financial Officer Planet
    • Barbara Holzapfel
    • Beena Ammanath
      Executive Director & AI/Tech Ethics Lead Deloitte Global
    • Brenda Darden Wilkerson
      President and CEO AnitaB.org
    • Brian Reaves
      EVP & Chief Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Officer UKG
    • Colin Bodell
      CTO Bazaarvoice
    • Dale Reed
      Clinical Professor in the Computer Science Department University of Illinois at Chicago
    • Diana Bersohn
      Managing Director Accenture
    • Dr. Rebecca Parsons
      CTO Thoughtworks
    • Ibrahim Gokcen
      Managing Partner Velocis Digital LLC
    • Inhi Cho Suh
      President DocuSign
    • Jamillah Boyd, Graduate Student Representative
      Assistant Teaching Professor College of Business Administration at the University of Missouri - St. Louis
    • Joy Chik
      President, Identity and Network Access Microsoft
    • Kamau Bobb
      Director, STEM Education Strategy Google
    • Karelys López Rivera, Undergraduate Student Representative
      Computer Science and Engineering Student University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
    • Kristin Major
      Senior Vice President, Human Resources Aruba
    • Lauren Himbeault
      Graduate Student University of Manitoba
    • Tony Wilkins
      Partner Standing Oaks Venture Partners
    • Trishala Pillai
      Product Manager, Content Creator & Graduate Student Carnegie Mellon University
    • Valerie Taylor
      Director, Mathematics and Computer Science Division Argonne National Laboratory
    • Vijay Anand, Secretary
      Executive Vice President, Engineering Castlight Health
  • Trustee Committee Chairs
    • Angela Tucci
      Executive Committee
    • Ashley Johnson
      Audit Committee
    • Barbara Holzapfel
      Nominations & Governance Committee
    • Colin Bodell
      Technology Committee
    • Diana Bersohn
      Strategy & Programs Committee
    • Kristin Major
      Compensation Committee
    • Tony Wilkins
      Investment Committee
  • Board Emeritus
    • Aditya Agrawal
    • Aicha Evans
    • Alan Eustace
    • Ana Pinczuk
    • Anne Hardy
    • Ashley Conard
    • Bill Unger
      Term: 2003–2012
    • Brian Pawlowski
    • Brianna Fugate
    • C. Grant Spaeth
    • Carol Realini
    • Cheryl Shavers
    • Debi Coleman
    • Dorothy Li Nicholls
      Vice President, AWS BI & Analytics Amazon
    • Dr. Francine Berman
    • Eugenia Gabrielova
    • Freada Kapoor Klein
      Founder Level Playing Field Institute
    • Greg Papadopoulos
      Term: 1996-2006
    • Greg Papadopoulos
    • Hilary Mason
      Co-Founder Hidden Door
    • Ike Nassi
    • James Beck
    • Jayshree Ullal
    • Jen Fitzpatrick
      Senior Vice President, Core Systems & Experiences Google
    • Jessica Merritt
      Term: 2018 - 2020 Senior Software Engineer - HubSpot
    • Josephine Cheng
    • Kathy Hill
    • Kelli Crane
    • Krista Claude
    • Leah Jamieson
    • Linda Bernardi
      Term: 1996 – 2006
    • Lisa Schlosser
    • Lucille Mayer, Vice Chair
      Chief Operating Officer Apex Clearing Corporation
    • Margaret Ashida
    • Maria Klawe
      Term: 1996-2011
    • Marie Wieck
    • Mark Bregman
    • Mary Lou Kelly
    • Mike Schroepfer
    • Nancy Cooper
    • Natalia Rodriguez
    • Nicole Anasenes
      Term: 2015 - 2020 Senior Vice President at Ansys
    • Nora Denzel
    • Pankaj Patel
    • Penny Herscher
      Term: 2003 - 2013
    • Peter Griffiths
    • Prith Banerjee
    • Rick Rashid
    • Robin Abrams
    • Sarah Loos
    • Shanna Shaye-Forbes
    • Shirley Edwards
    • Tara Radford
      Chief Financial Officer Suffolk Construction
    • Telle Whitney
    • Terry Krivan
    • Tracy Keogh
    • Wayne Johnson
    • William Wulf
  • AnitaB.org India Advisory Board
    • Dr. Gopichand Katragadda
      Founder & CEO Myelin Foundry
    • Pankajam Sridevi
      Managing Director Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • Prof S Sadagopan
      Director IIIT-B
    • Sandhya Vasudevan
      Managing Director at DBOI Global Services Pvt Ltd Deutsche Bank Group