Let's change the direction of tech...Together!

Let's change the direction of tech...Together!

On October 4, 2017, the first day of the Grace Hopper Celebration, our organization announced that we would no longer call ourselves the Anita Borg Institute. Our new name — AnitaB.org — still honors our founder while reflecting our move away from a formal, bureaucratic attitude and toward a warmer, more personal feeling; the “.org” in our name acts as a reminder of our nonprofit mission.

Diane Greene

Inspiring Women

Meet Diane Greene, Technical Leadership ABIE Award Winner

As co-founder and CEO of VMware, Diane revolutionized enterprise computing, an area of tech that she continues to influence as head of Google Cloud.

Community Voices

Anita’s Quilt: Peeking into the Kaleidoscope of Experiences

After a job transfer, electronics and communications engineer Ranjani Santhanam used her language skills and persistence to win over her coworkers.

Leading Organizations

Novel Approaches Help ThoughtWorks Support Tech Women

In the 2017 Top Companies for Women Technologists awards, ThoughtWorks took top honors among organizations with a technical workforce under 1,000.

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  • October 17, 2017

Brenda Darden Wilkerson’s Vision for AnitaB.org

About Anita Borg

Anita Borg combined technical expertise with a fearless vision to inspire, motivate, and move women in technology. Learn how her legacy continues to touch and change the lives of countless women in the fields of computing and beyond.