The Women In Tech Show Podcast: Abie Award Series

Celebrating the achievements
of women in tech.

The achievements of our Abie Award winners are nothing less than inspiring, and we want to share their stories with you. Listen to our Abie Award Podcast to learn all about these winners, their personal journeys into tech, and their efforts to support women technologists. Want to learn more about our Abie Awards and how to nominate someone? Click here!

The Abie Awards Podcast Series is a collaboration between and Edaena Salinas of The Women In Tech Show.

Be sure to also listen to the Women in Tech Show episode Centering Indigenous Women in Tech with Robin Máxkii, where Robin Máxkii discusses growing up in an Indian Reservation and her path to a career in technology. This episode was recorded at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration.

Episode 1: Cryptography with Tal Rabin
Winner of the 2014 Abie Award for Innovation, Tal Rabin discusses cryptography and how it can be used to build protocols and systems that provide privacy and security.

Episode 2: Women in Tech with Mehul Smriti Raje
Winner of the 2017 Student of Vision Abie Award, Mehul Smriti Raje explains how she is addressing the gender gap in tech and encouraging more women to enter the industry.

Episode 3: Space Propulsion with Dr. Natalya Bailey
Dr. Natalya Bailey, CEO and Founder at Accion Systems, is on a mission to accelerate the exploration of space. Learn all about the different types of propulsion technologies and the process of developing a hardware product for space.

Episode 4: with Kety Esquivel
Kety Esquivel, Vice President Head of Marketing and Communications at, talks about our mission and the different goals we have to help reach gender equity in the tech industry.

Episode 5: Health Tech with Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam
While in graduate school, Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam, winner of the 2019 Social Impact Abie Award, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Her experience with this diagnosis led her to develop a portable cervical cancer screening device.

Episode 6: Natural Language Processing with Dr. Thamar Solorio
Dr. Thamar Solorio, winner of the 2014 Emerging Leader Abie Award, has published several papers on natural language processing. She now serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Houston.

Episode 7: Accessible Technology with Jhillika Kumar

Jhillika Kumar, Winner of the 2019 Student of Vision Abie Award and Creator of Mentra, explains why she and her team built a hiring platform for people with autism.

Episode 8: Anthropology in Tech, and Mass Surveillance with Genevieve Bell

Dr. Genevieve Bell, Winner of 2013 Women Of Vision Abie Award for Leadership, talks about her work in anthropology and technology, and  how technology and mass surveillance are being used to fight COVID-19.

Episode 9: Evolutionary Software Architecture with Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons, Winner of the 2019 Technical Leadership Abie Award, talks about working in the technology industry for 30 years, the evolution of technology through the years, and how that leads to changes in the way we develop software.

Episode 10: Cyber Crime with Laura Mather

Laura Mather, Cyber Security expert and winner of the 2017 Abie award for Technology Entrepreneurship, talks about her time at eBay fighting cyber criminals in the early 2000s. She also talks about Silver Tail Systems, a company she co-founded in 2008 to build systems that other companies could use to fight cyber criminals.