Tech in Government Abie Award

The Tech in Government Abie Award highlights the work of a woman or non-binary technologist within the federal, state, or tribal government in the U.S. who has worked behind the scenes in improving governmental services through technical innovation and modernizing the functionality of government. The technologist is a public servant who serves everyday Americans and has been working within the government for 5+ years.

*Presidential appointees are not eligible for this award 

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Opportunities for Award Recipient

  • The recipient is honored at Grace Hopper Celebration and invited to the Abie Award Ceremony on the Mainstage at GHC.
  • The award winner will also have a few speaking engagements throughout GHC on their work and accomplishments.
  • Trip to GHC (Includes lodging, GHC registration, and a stipend for travel and expenses during the event).

Selection Criteria

Nominees are mid-career civil servants working within the federal, state, or tribal government who empower women and nonbinary technologists in that industry. Nominees are evaluated based on the following:

  • Technical Expertise: How is this nominee leveraging the power of technology to better serve the American people?
  • Leadership: How does the nominee demonstrate exemplary leadership and coalition building as they serve the public?
  • Impact on the Community of Women and Nonbinary Technologists: How has the nominee deliberately acted to increase the impact, of women and non-binary people’s representation, and effectiveness in technology?