Technical Leadership
Abie Award

The Technical Leadership Abie Award is our most prestigious award and celebrates a woman or nonbinary technologist who led or developed a product, process, or innovation that made a notable impact on business or society.

Nominees must work on projects that require deep technical knowledge and must demonstrate a commitment to increasing the representation of women and nonbinary people in tech.

2024 Abie Award Winners will be announced at GHC, Oct 8-11. The next round of applications will open 2025.

Opportunities for Award Recipient

  • The recipient is honored at Grace Hopper Celebration and invited to the Abie Award Ceremony on the Mainstage at GHC.
  • The award winner will also have a few speaking engagements throughout GHC on their work and accomplishments.
  • Trip to GHC (Includes lodging, GHC registration, and a stipend for travel and expenses during the event)
  • Additionally, recipients will receive $50,000.

Selection Criteria

Nominees are executive and/or senior-level technologists who inspire the technology community through outstanding technological contributions and remain committed to increasing the representation of women and nonbinary people in tech. Nominees are evaluated based on the following:

  • Contributions to Technology: The nominee has demonstrated leadership by undertaking sustained technical work that covers important new ground. Consider the breadth, depth, and sustained nature of their work as a technologist and leader.
  • Overall Impact: The technical contributions of the nominee have strongly impacted their industry or the society
  • Impact on Women and Nonbinary Technologists: The nominee has deliberately acted to increase women and nonbinary people’s impact, representation, and effectiveness in technology.