Top 5 Ways Speaking at Grace Hopper Celebration Can Boost Your Career

The annual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) provides life-changing opportunities, not just for attendees looking to network, gain technical skills, or land interviews, but also for speakers and presenters. Whether you’re a seasoned public speaker or stepping onto the stage for the first time, the impact of sharing your expertise on this platform goes far beyond the applause.

Get ready to discover how your speaking engagement at GHC could be a pivotal step in your career journey. Keep an eye on our socials or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn about the next opportunity to speak at GHC!


1. Get Exceptional Visibility in the Tech Community

GHC attracts a diverse and influential audience, with over 29,000 participants attending virtually in-person in 2023. From entry-level to senior executives, there’s engaging content for all levels – and you could be the one providing it! Showcase your expertise and ideas to a global community of peers, industry leaders, and potential employers, with this visibility, introducing new opportunities, collaborations, and recognition within the tech sphere. 


2. Enhance Your Personal Brand

Looking for new ways to develop your personal brand? Position yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field at GHC! Whether giving a presentation, participating in a panel, or leading a workshop, lightning talk, or Braindate, this experience adds a prestigious credential to your professional profile, which can be leveraged in your resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and other professional platforms. Your presence at GHC serves as a testament to your commitment to tech and diversity, setting you apart in the industry. For individuals looking to bolster their brand, there’s no better way to make an impression on GHC attendees than speaking to them directly.  


3. Network with Industry Leaders 

GHC is a hub for networking with some of the most influential figures in technology, with past speakers including Shelmina Abji, Christine Sandman Stone, and Renata Spinks. As a speaker, you gain access to the Speakers Reception, providing space to connect with industry leaders, innovators and other community members. These connections can lead to mentorship opportunities, strategic partnerships, and insights into the latest industry trends and practices.


4. Develop Your Professional Skills

Preparing and delivering a talk at GHC is an excellent opportunity for professional skill development – enhancing your public speaking, presentation, and communication skills. The experience of articulating complex ideas to a large audience is invaluable and can be applied in various aspects of your career, such as leading teams, pitching ideas, or participating in high-stake meetings.  

Many people experience fear or discomfort when it comes to public speaking (about 40% of the US population experiences public speaking anxiety!) but making the effort to overcome that fear could open many opportunities in your career. Plus, offers speaker support leading up to the event, so you’re not in this alone! If the thought of an in-person presentation is too much for this chapter, virtual GHC is the perfect steppingstone in your public speaking journey.  


5. Contribute to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

It’s no question women and non-binary individuals in tech are regularly met with institutional unconscious biases impacting career prospects, salaries, speaking opportunities, and more. GHC was born out of the desire to depart the traditional, overwhelmingly-male tech conferences, working to improve stats like the fact that from 2016 to 2018, only 27% of keynote or standalone speakers at major tech conferences were women.  

By speaking at GHC, you contribute to the important mission of increasing representation in technology. Your existence and presence on stage may be the first time an audience member has seen a Black, Latine, Native woman, or non-binary leader in that setting. 52% of women say that businesses would be better equipped to attract more women to tech jobs if they had more female role models. Your willingness to share your subject matter expertise and overcome public speaking fears can help inspire and empower other underrepresented groups in tech, having a profound impact on attendees, encouraging more diversity in tech leadership and innovation, and ultimately making the industry better for yours, and everyone’s, career.  


Commit to a Speaking Opportunity and Boost Your Career  

Speaking at Grace Hopper Celebration is not just an opportunity to present your work; it’s a platform that offers substantial benefits for your professional growth and development in tech. It’s an experience that can shape your career, enhance your network, and contribute to a more inclusive tech industry. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn about the next opportunity to speak at GHC!


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