Coffee with Coaches – Mental Wellness Part 5

Reboot for Well-being

On Thursday, April 7 from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. IST (Indian Standard Time) we are hosting the fifth part of “Coffee with Coaches – Mental Wellness.”

Technology has no doubt brought the world closer, but it seems to have taken us further away from ourselves. Several factors contribute to the energy sapping which happens like a background process that we are not even aware of. Slowing down, being aware, and understanding the mind-body connection is the need of the hour for better professional and personal growth.  It’s time to reboot!

In this session, we will use movement, music and reflection to find the rhythm that works for each one of us and to sustain it. Through this session, we hope to create a safe space for sharing and experiencing the mind-body connection.  It will be great to have you all on video for some of the activities. We will have video breaks when we reflect. Do keep those papers, pens/colour pens handy for action and reflection.



Meet Your Coaches

Ranjani Santhanam

Ranjani is a master facilitator and coach helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. An engineer by qualification, she set out on her journey of entrepreneurship through Palindrome Concepts & Solutions LLP. She is a certified movement therapy facilitator.

Ranjani is passionate about mental wellbeing and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in its myriad forms. She has interleaved powerful frameworks with her skills in expressive arts to create meaningful learning experiences. She has run workshops using dance movement and applied theatre at several organizations and conferences like the Grace Hopper Celebration India, Network of Women and the Sheroes Summit.

Ranjani’s focus for 2021 has been to create awareness, accessibility and action around mental health. It continues to be so in 2022 as well.

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