Advancing Women’s Economic Security Through Pay Equity

Advancing Women’s Economic Security Through Pay Equity


Closing the gender pay gap is critical to creating a fair and equitable economy for women in the workforce.

In 2021, full-time working women earned on average just 83.1 percent of what men earn.

Studies show that the undervaluation of women’s work not only affects financial security and mobility, but it can also lead to mental health problems.

At, we’re on a mission to achieve 50/50 intersectional equity in the global technical workforce by 2025 that includes the goal of closing the gender pay gap.

This Elevating Conversations event shared legal resources and actions for individuals to help address and mitigate pay discrimination.

Anita Hill, Christine Webber, and Monique Thompson joined President & CEO Brenda Darden Wilkerson to discuss the rising number of states enacting pay transparency protections for workers, the impact of pay transparency protocols on the retention of female talent, transformative approaches to organizational change, and so much more!