Looking Ahead

Women of Color in Technology Innovation Lab

The Women of Color in Technology Innovation Lab focuses on recruitment, retention, and advancement for underrepresented minority women in technical roles and the tech industry. The lab launched as an incubator at the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), convening senior leaders, academics, innovators, and entrepreneurs. It will continue with curated annual events and other problem-solving programming.

With sponsorship funding from Turner, AnitaB.org aims to find novel approaches through this innovation lab that can activate and execute diversity and inclusion initiatives for women of color in the tech industry; we also hope to expand partnerships and collaborations with our existing stakeholders. This initiative will use Top Companies for Women in Technologists metrics —  the de facto tech-workforce measurement standard — to gain further insight into statistics relevant to women of color.

Future events, partnerships, and collaborations will help determine best practices for delivering solutions at a scale, a goal that has been difficult to achieve thus far. We plan to involve activists, diversity and inclusion specialists, HR leaders, and collaborators that span a variety of industries from tech, academia, business, politics, media, and entertainment.

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image: WOCinTech Chat